Facilities and Maintenance Department
 Facilities and Maintenance Dept.

 Department Staff:

  Dean Ross, Asst, Supervisor-Maintenance & Operations

  Danny Brussatoi, Asst. Supervisor-Custodial Services

   Dave Salas, Campus Security/Utility

   Isaac Harris, Campus Security/Utility

   Phillip Walker, Campus Security/Utility

                                                                                                                                  Kristie Allen, Custodial Staff

                                                                                                                                Larry Hyatt, Custodial Staff

Facilities and Maintenance Departments:
The staff and tradespersons of Lassen Union High School District's Facilities and Maintenance Departments are dedicated to maintaining District facilities and grounds in order to provide a safe, comfortable, and accommodating learning environment for our students, parents, faculty, and staff.
The Facilities and Maintenance Departments support education by:
            · P
roviding general maintenance of district property, including air  
             conditioning, heating, electrical and alarm systems and landscaping
        · Ensuring the health and safety of all district campuses
        · Ensuring compliance with state environmental and safety regulations
        · Obtaining all available funding for constructing new and updating  current facilities
· Managing construction of, additions to, and the modernization of,  existing school sites, as approved by the Lassen Union School District  Board of Trustees.
Our commitment is to serve the school community and ensure that all campuses and properties are maintained and cleaned to the highest standard, as well as providing adequate new student facilities that meet or exceed our California State requirements.


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