Human Resources
Human Resources Department

Human Resources Staff:

  Ginger Fitzgerald,
  Director of Business & Personnel                

  Lisa Cavin, Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator          

The Human Resources Department serves the entire District for all personnel issues, employee recruitment, orientation, and volunteer information.
The employees of Lassen Union High School District are the most important resource for providing a quality educational program for the students of our community. Recognizing this, it is the goal of the Human Resources Department to provide for the following:  
  • Recruitment and selection of the very best available candidates for all open positions in the District.
  • Resources allocated in a manner which makes the greatest contribution to the instructional program.
  • A climate which produces optimum staff performance and satisfaction.
  • Promote employee/employer relations.
The HR Department may also assist with credentialing information and substitute employee recruitments.

Guest teachers must have a valid California Teaching Credential.  Individuals who do not hold a valid California Teaching Credential can apply for an Emergency 30-day Substitute Teaching Permit.  Permits are obtainable with a minimum of a BS/BA degree and passage of the
California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). The Lassen County Office of Education provides assistance to individuals wishing to be a guest teacher in all districts in Lassen County.


Employment Info:
Job Application
Job Descriptions
Job Openings
Lassen County Office of Education
Salary Schedules
Teacher Credentialing

 Retirement Plans:
 • CalSTRS Member Handbook
 • CalPERS Guide to Pension Reform

Bargaining Agreements:
 • Collective Bargaining Agreements

Employee Leaves of Absence
AESOP Online Link
 • Catastrophic Leave Policy
 • Catastrophic Leave Request
 • Catastrophic Leave Donation
 • Calif. Leave Entitlement
 • FMLA- Family Medical Leave Act
 • PDL-Pregnancy Dis.Leave

 • General Forms
 • Staff Forms
 • Volunteer Forms

Health and Safety:
 • Hepatitis B Immunizations
 • TB Screening
 • Injury & Illness Prevention Program-Plan
 • Injury & Illness Prevention Program- Forms
 • Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens 

Staff Directory:

 • District Staff
 • Credence HS Staff
 • Lassen High School

Health & Welfare Benefit Plan:
 • Certificated-LTA Selections
 • Classified-CSEA Selections
 • Classified Mngt Selections
 • CVT-Plan1
 • CVT-Plan3
 • CVT-Plan4
 • CVT-Plan5
 • CVT-Plan6
 • CVT-Plan7
 • CVT-Plan8
 • CVT-Plan9
 • CVT-Plan10
 • CVT-Plan11
 • CVT-HDHP-High Deductible
 • CVT-Wellness

 • Employee Assistance Program- Tip Sheet

 • MDLIVE Info Flyer

 • Vision Plan-VSP

 • Dental- Classified Mngt
 • Dental- Certif/Classified/ Trustees

Insurance Benefit Websites: