LUHSD Library FAQs
LUHSD Library- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. What would cause my student to be on the “Holds” list?
A. Any of the following would place the student on the “Holds” list:
         ► Overdue/Nonreturned Library book
         ► Non-returned textbook
         ► Failure to check-in textbooks during mid-year check
         ► School equipment or uniform not being returned
         ► Damaged items (Including, but not limited to: library books, textbooks, school materials or other school   property)
Q. How does my student get off the “Holds” list?
A. To get off the “Holds” list the student (or parent) needs to resolve whatever issue is causing the hold. If it is a textbook that needs to be checked in or returned, the simple act of checking it in or returning it removes the student from the “Holds” list, unless there are other items causing the hold. Please call or email the Library with any questions.
Q. What if my student cannot find the missing book/item?
A. If the item cannot be located, call or email the Library to discuss options.