Transportation Department
Department Staff:
JLee  Jim Lee, Asst. Supervisor-Transportation

Joseph Smith, Mechanic

Margie Bailey, Bus Driver

George Bloise, Bus Driver
Kathy Catron, Bus Driver

Shannon Miller, Bus Driver

Ruth Morgan, Bus Driver

Don Reid, Bus Driver

Kristi Reid, Bus Driver

Debbie Trask, Bus Driver

Guy Woodward, Bus Driver

The LUHSD Transportation Department provides safe transportation for any of our students, as well as providing bus services for the following school districts: Susanville, Johnstonville, Janesville, Shaffer, and Fort Sage.

We also provide transportation to our students for activity and sports trips. Our team of bus drivers and mechanics is here to ensure the safest and most pleasant bus ride possible for our students.

For Specific Bus Routes, use the Bus Route link in the Links Menu on the right side of this page.

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